Martha - Lunar Eyes

We have recently been sent the new EP from Martha and after recently reviewing her first single, Her Names December, we were very excited to be sent her EP, Lunar Eyes.

Martha is an acoustic pop singer/songwriter and comes from Gloucestershire in the UK.

Lunar Eyes starts off with an amazing story from a song called Find Me. This is a great lyric, I really enjoyed the whole story behind the song, it really did grip me and with a really catchy backing, this song has hit written all over it.

Her Names December follows this, the lyrics again really give you a visual of the character Martha is drawing up for this December. Big powerful chorus and great backing do make this song stand out.

Next on the Ep we have Lowest Bidder, there is something really intriguing about Martha's voice and how spine chilling her vocals are accompanied by just the piano. Her vocals really shine through on this acoustic track. Very strong vocal, you can hear a lot of emotion in the song and in Martha's voice.

Next we have the title track, Lunar Eyes. I heard this performed on the Puzzle Makers Studios Presents Song Writers Round and it really caught my attention then on the live feed and listening to it again with the full backing, this is an amazing song. The build of the song through keeps you gripped, again the piano and Martha's voice compliment each other so well that you have to listen to the song all they way to the end.

The final track of the EP is The One. Again her words really catch your imagination and gives you an amazing visual of the song in your head. This is a really powerful song for Martha and her vocals are just as powerful to match.

Overall, Martha really has a great way with words. Her lyrics are really captivating and gripping. Her stories really give you an image throughout and this really does draws you in. The way her voice and the piano blend together really catches your imagination and you really cant turn off.

Martha is a star in the making for sure and Puzzle Maker Studios have really found another amazing artist. We are massive fans of Martha here at The Unsigned Reviewer, we really think Martha is going to be huge in the music world.


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