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Mark Whitby - Dreams

I had this track drop into my to do pile just the other day and having had this guy on my radio show and know how good his voice is I am looking forward to reviewing this track.

So this is Mark Whitby he is a local artist to us at The Unsigned Reviewer and he comes from North Wales and is a musician with lots of strings to his bow and having heard him play Acoustically I’m excited for this so lets dive in and listen to his new track Dreams.

The track starts off with a beautiful soft sound with lots of guitar sound both acoustic and electric which adds to the style and he has such clear vocals with a great range and in the style of Ed Sheeran. Mark has such great storytelling in his tracks, and it is shown again in this track.

It leaves the listener really wondering what’s next in the story of the song as you can engage with it and even with the riffs from the electric guitar it is a track that you can sit back and listen to and really enjoy the feelgood of the song, if music was a flowing river this would be the song for it. There is a little guitar solo for those who love a bit of a riff.

Love the song thank you Mark for sending over such an amazing track and I can’t wait to hear what’s next for you.


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