Lupe Fiasco-House EP

I had this track drop into my inbox the other day and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I was being asked to review Lupe Fiasco a Grammy winning artist, I thought to myself this is big news for The Unsigned Reviewer getting some signed acts too. A little bit about him if you’re not familiar with him he is a Grammy Winning Artist from Chicago in the USA and he is best described as a rapper but is also a producer, Entrepreneur and Community Advocate.

So, without further ado lets have a listen to his new EP House.

The first track on the EP is Homme Made which features Virgil Abloh and it is a spoken passage which is short but sweet and talks about Mankind and the world. It has some great things to think about in the world and could also called Philosophical. Dinosaurs is a track with plenty of light and shade and has a lot of storytelling and Lupe always tells some great stories in his tracks and this is no different. There is a piano/synth in the background of the track and the story has you wanting to know what’s next in the track, even though it is a rap track I actually enjoy listening to this as its so philosophical and the words are clear and not too fast so you can enjoy it.

Sledom this track features Crystal Torres and Graham Burns, this track has more music in the background and again plenty of storytelling and you can enjoy the vocals of Crystal in this track is you like your music to be sang as well which gives it an edge compared to the previous tracks. I must admit this is a great track and really makes you think about life and it also critiques the Modelling industry. Shoes again features Virgil Abloh and the track is back to the style which was featured in Dinosaurs. In the background the music is piano/synth plus some horns as well. Virgil has a spoken passage within the track again and it really adds to the great style of the track and I love how Lupe is unlike many rappers in that he’s allowing lots of different styles and its not all rap there’s lots of light and shade and the storytelling again makes you want to know what’s next in Lupe’s book to enlighten us.

LF95 this is the final track of the new EP and this has a different beat to it which is soft to listen to and talks about live in current pandemic and this track was the sog that started this EP project off with his different tracks that were added. I like the story of how he describes the pandemic through his own words and his own life which really opens your eyes up to what else if going on.

To sum up the EP I really love it and I love the different styles and I think its great how in his last song he thanks everyone involved in the making of this EP. He tells his stories through music so well and I must admit his storytelling is first class and it shows why he is Grammy winner with how he sees life and tells it so raw for all to listen to.

Thank you, Lupe Fiasco, and everyone it’s been a pleasure to review your music and I hope in the future I may get the chance to review more of your music.


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