Lupe Fiasco ft Virgil Abloh - Shoes

We have recently sent the brand new single by 'Superstar', Lupe Fiasco and on this single he has help from Virgil Abloh. His new single, Shoes, is produced by Kaelin Ellis who is a platinum award winning producer.

Shoes is the first single of Lupe's new EP called 'House' and this is released on 24th July.

Shoes starts off which a very catchy beat that will have you bopping in your seat. The beat is very chilled and laid back and gives off really chilled vibes and fits in great with the time of year.

I really like Virgil Abloh's speaking parts, this gives the song so much power, to me personally this makes you stop and listen, this is like a speech from a powerful leader and this gives the song more meaning and makes it powerful.

Lupe's lyrics are also just as powerful and passionate too, this seems like a very personal lyric to Lupe and you can hear this is his tone.

Overall this has a very good vibe to the song and I'm pretty sure this will do very well for Lupe as this genre of music is very current and has a big market following so I'm sure this track will feature well in the charts.

Personally, I really enjoyed the lyrics, Virgil's metaphors for shoes was very inpsiring and very powerful, don't take everything as you see it, there is always more if you think hard enough.

Thank you to Lupe, Virgil and Kaelin for a great track and we cant wait to hear more form these guys very soon when House is released.


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