Louise Parker - Lie To me

We were recently sent the new single by Louise Parker which came out today on all platforms for you all to listen too.

Absolutely amazing track, professional sounding and a very good listen.  The raw emotion you can hear in the voice of the singer grips the listeners attention and makes them feel how she is feeling.  The soft tune to the track is a way of helping the emotion build for the listener and the variation of tone and pitch throughout the song helps to build a setting and an atmosphere.  

The start of the song which is acapella is a good way of getting the listeners attention, and then the building of the extra sounds for the song really keeps you wanting more.  

You can tell there has been a lot of effort and passion gone into making the song and the lyrics are very moving for the listener.  This is a song that should make a mark on the industry and is one that I would listen to, and put in my playlist too!

 All-in-all, this is a very, very good song that has a lot of potential within the industry.  


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