Louisa Maria - Bang Bang Drop

I had this track drop into my inbox just the other day from one of my former unsigned artists of the week Louisa Maria, having heard her music before I was so excited at the prospect of reviewing this track, which comes from her new EP - Tea for Two.

Louisa Maria is from Bristol, UK her music has a wide range of genres and you’ll not be disappointed.

So, lets dive in and hear what Bang Bang Drop is all about.The track starts out quite dark and mysterious which reminds me of Dua Lipa with her short phrasing and catchy lyrics that get you listening.Louisa Maria has a great vocal range which draws you in to listen to the story that she is telling.

The song is only short and leaves you wanting to know the story and what’s next in it. There’s plenty of light and shade. Usually you hear Louisa Maria with some acoustic guitar based tracks but this is very different but I really like it and I am very excited for her EP to come out to see what else she has up her sleeve.

It is always such a pleasure to be able to review Louisa Marie’s music, thank you.


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