Lexi Mariah - Sourpatch

We were recently sent the new single from Lexi Mariah which is titled Sourpatch and is released on 19th June. This is her third single release and Lexi hails from Connecticut out in the USA.

Sourpatch reminds me of Ariana Grande and would definitely fit in her mould of song for sure. It’s very current and would easily find its way into the current charts with ease.

Personally I’m a big fan of the chorus, I think the blend of best and synths make Lexi‘s vocal very poignant. The song is very catchy, it sticks in your head and you’ll be humming the chorus for the rest of the day.

Overally, I think Lexi Mariah has a very strong release on her hands here. The song is definitely in with the current music scene and the pop culture of the song should make the song climb the charts.

We are looking forward to seeing what comes next from Lexi Mariah as we’re sure she is going to have a very strong future in the music industry.


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