Lazy Dog Toy - Glorious

We have recently been sent the new single by award winning composer, producer and instrumentalist, Alex White and his new project, Lazy Dog Toy. His single, Glorious, was released at the end of June.

You can tell from opening of the song that Alex is a very talented instrumentalist, as the introduction to the song gets you gripped form the opening bar of the track. There is a lot of detail in the backing of the song and this makes the song very unique and also really catchy.

There is a lot of emotion in the lyrics of this song and the storytelling in the lyrics shows this is a very personal song to Rory Sullivan, who lends his vocals to the song. Rory has a very blissful voice and this captivates the feel for the song and of course makes it Glorious.

Overall, the blend of wonderful backing along with the soft and blissful voice of Rory makes this song a real hit. The song is one that would easily get into the mainstream charts and would not be out of place in the current music scene.

We are big fans of this song here at the Unsigned Reviewer and we can not wait to hear what Lazy Dog Toy AKA Alex White has in store for us next.


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