Lauren Jayne- The City by the Bay

Had this track come into my inbox just the other day and I’m always excited at the thought of listening to new music and also new artists too, So this is Lauren Jayne she is a Americana, Folk and Bluegrass Artist from New York in the USA.

Lauren is recognised by her storytelling, Poetic lyrics, and her distinctive lyrics. Her songs have been recognised by the Nashville songwriter’s association international as well as one to watch. So here goes let’s have a listen to Lauren Jayne.

The song starts off with acoustic guitar and Laurens distinctive and soft voice, this is a very clean and crisp track with lots of light and shade and also the sound of Nashville shines through and the track keeps building up the more the track carries on and the storytelling of the track makes it sound like she’s describing the story through music and you can visualise the city by the bay that she is singing about.

I found this track to be amazing and full of lots of light and shade and you can hear why she is one to watch on the country scene.

Thank you for your track Lauren-Jayne I can’t wait to hear more from you.


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