Kyle Kirkhouse - Songs From The Attic

We recently came across Welsh Singer/Songwriter Kyle Kirkhouse with his single Split, so we were excited when we recieved the album with his new EP Songs from The Attic.

The opening song is a track called Lisa, this has you gripped from the start with a great opening and a catchy backing track throughout.

Next we have Take Me and you can really hear the soulful voice that Kyle has in this song. His voice stands out in this song. This is followed by Split which is a very strong song and a song that I really enjoyed listening to when we received this recently.

Love You // Hate You follows and this time the storytelling in the song shines. Lyrically Kyle is showing his sentimental side on this track. Don't Go Away brings the EP to a really nice end. I get a bit of Stereophonics off this track, the way they present ballads its reminiscent of how Kyle has constructed this track.

Overall, very impressed with Kyles attic and I may ask to go spend some time there to find some inspiration myself. Really enjoyed listeing to this Ep and I am excited to see what comes next from this talented young man.


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