Kyle Elliott-Empty

Had this track drop into my inbox the other day from Kyle Elliott with his new track Empty, he is best described as Nashville through and through having been born there in 1993 and also recently appeared on the Together Country track “I won’t forget to miss you” with other country stars from the uk and the USA.

Let’s dig in and have a listen to his brans new track.

The track starts off with the melodious guitar before Kyles silky vocals come into the track and begin to bring it alive, the musicianship and storytelling is of an extremely high standard and for those who haven’t heard him before he is a delight to the ears with some great light and shade.

It gets my head bopping along and I can see this track being a hit at a festival and the crowd will fully engage with the music and with its chorus it can be sang loud which is always a winner.

The track tells of a struggle to handle truth and is drinking to forget it, I love this track and I can’t wait to hear what’s next for Kyle.


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