Kyle Elliott - Come on Over

We were recently sent the brand new single form Kyle Elliott and he is inviting his listeners to Come On Over with this track that is released on 7th August.

Kyle Elliott is a country music singer-songwriter from Music City, Tennessee. Taking influence from the likes of Randy Travis, Chris Stapleton & Eric Church, Elliott aims to create authenticity to his music and hopes people can relate on a personal level to his music.

The first thing that hits me about the track is gripping the story telling is from Kyle. From the sounds of this lyrics he is unlucky in love and there's a real sense of vulnerability in his lyrics as he asks for a second chance.

The song grips you straight away with a big opening for the song, followed by the standing out Kyle's voice on the verse. The rise and fall is something that creates the tension for the song, you can tell that the verses are very personal with the fall hitting at this point and the tension grows to a big chorus.

Overall, this is a song I am very sure will do extremely well for Kyle. His voice, the backing and the structure of the song ozzes the country vibes he is giving off and this fits perfectly into that genre of music to a tea.

I think this is going to be another hit from the Scarlett Management team as I am sure there is a gap in the mainstream market for a singer like Kyle, his voice and style are very authentic and his voice is very distinguishable. We cant wait to hear what comes next from Music City.


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