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Kristian Montgomery and the Winter Kill Band - The Gravel Church

We were recently sent the new album by Kristian Montgomery and the Winterkill Band. His new album was called The Gravel Church and is available on all streaming platforms for you all to enjoy.

Boston is the first port of call on the album and the first thing that strikes me is Kristian‘s voice, his gritty, husky tones are a compliment to the song and this sets a good standard for the album.

Foolish Devil is a nice and chilled song that gives you a nice relaxed feeling. 5 Wild horses sounds like it come right out of Sons of Anarchy or a television show of that form. Couch Sleeper comes next and this is a cheery country song that gets you tapping you feet along.

Razor Wire Heart shows off Kristian at his lyrical best. This sounds a really personal track to Kristian and his emotion in his voice shows this. Polly Amorous throws a huge surprise with a bit of Queen to start off the track, this carries on into a very rock led songs. Really lovely track.

Hjertebygger starts off with a really European feel to it, this reminds me a lot of Jack Savoretti and his style of song. A Life Like This will get whistling along this is a very catchy song. it reminds me a little bit of Oasis and The Importance of Being Idle. Take Your Home goes back to the edgy Country feel of the first few tracks of this album.

You’re New is back to the Jack Savoretti style of folk/rock. I really am captivated by the genre switches this keeps me gripped. Girls That Falls Apart gives off the classic country style, fast paced, heavy rhythm drum, slow guitar. She’s No Cadillac continues the classic cheery country treats, as I previously said this mix genre album is extremely gripping.

Next on the album is That Bird Won’t Fly and I’m hearing the Noel Gallagher influence again, this is very reminiscent of his style with the High Flying Birds albums. Look At My Child follows, this starts off with a news article and you can tell this is going to be an epic story for the lyrics. The Tracks follows and again Kristians lyrically mastermind continues. Great storytelling and great songs combine to make this album a massive hit.

Lastly we have a little treat in Auld Lang Syne, this is quite a wonderful version.

Overall, this is a very gripping album, Kristian‘s gritty, charming vocals are a pleasure to listen to and his storytelling on the songs keeps you hooked all the way through the album. Stand out tracks to me personally are Hjertebygger and Polly Amorous, also I really enjoyed the version of Auld Land Syne too.

Looking forward to what comes next from Kristian, we are definitely fans here at The Unsigned Reviewer.


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