KJ - All I Know

Had this drop into my inbox just the other day and thought id give this 16 track album a spin and give it a review for you all, So this is KJ he is a rap artist originally from Burnley in Lancashire but now lives in South Wales. He counts Eminem and Dr Dre among his favourite artists and has been working on lyrics since the age of 14.

His album starts off with My House which has a great start and his style of lyrics is so clear and not muffled like some rappers can do. I like how his music shadows some of his idols with a British accent and it is extremely exciting to hear unsigned British rap as it is an area which you don’t hear of much.

Always said I’m there is a great track and although I’m not that up on rap I can hear that he is such an exciting artist with a great future. Say More I love the storytelling in this song and how he brings modern day to the forefront of people’s imaginations. I feel with KJ that he is an interesting artist and he has a lot of light and shade in his lyrics too and he also sings as well as rap.

Oooooohooooh is a story on word play and it gives you a feelgood and isn’t dark it’s got some cheekiness to it and if you love artists such as Tinchy Strider and Dizzee Rascal you’ll love it complete with a few lines from Craig David’s 7 days. In My Lane tells a story well and is more in your style of Drake and has some great instrumentation to it too, the lyrics are a little faster but they are still easily to listen to and also has namecheck for the greatest showman too.

All I know the title track of the album the electro pop musicianship in every song is great for me so it makes me enjoy each track, this track has a feel of the American rap battles which KJ has participated in, in the past the singing is the comeback as the rap is laying the line down.

To sum the album up I absolutely have enjoyed listening to it and this guy is going to be big in rap circles, his musicianship is amazing and I hope that in the future he has more music for us to review as KJ is going places.

Move over established British rappers KJ is ready to take the stage. Thank you for letting us review your album KJ.

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