King Cerulean - Situation

We have recently been sent the new single by King Cerulean called Situation. King Cerulean is a Cardiff based indie funk band and this is there latest release.

Being a big fan of the indie funk style I was instantly win over by this song. High energy from the start, really currently, very catchy and really enjoyable listen.

I can hear a big influence in Paolo Nutini in the style of song they have produced with the pop style mixed in with the brass is really Pencil Full of Lead styled and it’s brilliant.

Great mix up in the middle with the rap section, added an extra element to an already impressive song. Crisp vocals, great lyrics and a tune that will stick in your head all day.

Overall, this is a really strong single, there is a place in the mainstream market for a song like this. I think King Cerulean have a hit in there hands with this one.


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