Kerry Fearon- Chase Wild Horses

Had this track drop into my inbox just the other day and I was excited at the prospect of reviewing this lady’s new track. I have had Kerry as an Unsigned artist of the week on my radio show a couple of times and I always love to hear her music so I’m rather excited about doing this review, so here goes. She is from South Armagh in Northern Ireland and her first EP came out in 2016. She grew up in a household full of country music and presented 2 shows on Keep it Country here in the UK.

The track starts off in her true country style and your instantly taken to Nashville and into the deep country heart, she describes her sound as Country and Americana and listening to this track you can hear both sounds. She shows off her amazing vocal range and she tells a story which wants you want to hear more, the musicianship is this track is absolutely lovely with the guitar and it even has a solo for those who are fans of guitar solos or if you like a bit of air guitar.

The light and shade are there for all to hear and I will admit this track doesn’t disappoint and having heard her previous music I really enjoy this too.

Kerry is one to look out for on the Country and Americana scene and I can’t wait to hear what is next for her.


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