Kelsey Bovey - Not Scared Anymore

We have just been sent the brand new EP from Kelsey Bovey. Kelsey hails from Bristol and Not Scare Anymore is highly anticipated from the emerging Country artist.

The EP starts off with some amazing storytelling in the song Out Of Our Minds, the song starts off with a great beat that will have you tapping your foot along. It also has shades of Taylor Swift with her Country-Pop anthems especially in the chorus of the song, big building and very catchy.

Magnetic was the lead single for the EP, this got to No. 2 in the Country charts and rightly so, the song itself is very current and definitely sticks in your head.This was a very strong single and does definitely give you a feel for the EP with its storytelling and great rise and fall throughout the song.

Kelsey‘s vocal comes to the forefront on the title track Not Scared Anymore, a more laid back approach on this song. Very melodic and continues with the amazing storytelling that has been apparent in the EP so far. As a lyricist, the storytelling is some thing I always listen for and Kelsey keeps me gripped throughout as you want to hear the ending.

The last track of the EP is Hold Tight Sit Still, cheery, bubbly and Country-Pop at its best is the best way to describe this song. One thing that stands out not jut in Hold Tight Sit Still but on all the tracks, is Kelsey’s vocal control, the way her range can go into falsetto and back it very admirable.

Overall, this is a very strong EP, one I’m sure will do exceptionally well in the Country charts. Kelsey has a very unique sound that resounds throughout the EP and one I’m sure her brand of music will continue with throughout her career. Great storytelling, amazing building along with epic rise and fall will make this EP a hit not just with us here at The Unsigned Reviewer but throughout the Country music scene.

The EP is available on all platforms from 25th June and personally it’s definitely worth the wait till this date so pre save now.


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