Katie Wellenberg - Root to Rise

Based in Munich / Germany, Singer/Songwriter Katie Wellenberg developed her musical taste throughout her teenage years and beyond. Growing up listening to the Rolling Stones, The Doors, Janis Joplin and Joe Cocker, her love for blues and rock music emerged and expanded throughout the years.

Root to Rise is released on 31st July and will be available on all streaming platforms.

Katie's voice shines through from the start and his very prominent in the opening of Territory, this is the first track off Root to Rise. I can hear a lot of Amy Macdonald in her music from the outset, her Pop/Rock is very catchy. This is a great opening to the album.

Fighter is the next track on Root to Rise, this sounds a very personal song to Katie, there is a lot of passion in her vocal on this song and it really hooks you. This would be a very strong single as it has a wow factor to it. Everybody picks up the tempo and has you tapping your feet along from the start, the story in this song is lovely, personally this is my favourite track so far.

An acoustic opening to Mountain, really laid back and makes Katie's voice and storytelling really stand out. This song really builds and keeps you hooked till the end. In This Town has quite a country feel to it, I really enjoyed the bass lead on the song, it really does get you grooving in your seat.

A very cheery opening for the next track on the album, Times Ten is the track in question and this is a really enjoyable song. I am enjoying the mixture of genres on this album as we delve into Folk/pop on this track. Another really strong song and one that could be a lead single for the album.

Fool has a really lovely lyric to the song, this really shines through on the track. There seems to be a lot of anxiety building up in the words and this is really does give you a sense of vulnerability and really does make you relate to the lyrics.

From the opening of Old vs. Young you are tapping your feet along, this is a really taste of country/pop at its best. The song has a great rise and fall with a big build to the chorus of the song. Like a Child follows this, this seems a really personal song to Katie, there is a lot of pride in her words on this track and her confidence shines through.

The penultimate track to the album is Wicked, again another really strong opening to the song which gets you gripped from the opening bar. This is back to the Pop/Rock that started the album. This is a really strong track, has you tapping your foot along from start to finish and really does stick in your head.

Burn that Candle is the final track to Root to Rise. This is a really strong finish and keeps you wanting to listen to more. The acoustic sounds really do show off Katie's vocal range and how sweet her voice is.

Overall, this is a really strong album from Katie, one that you will keep playing again and again once you hear it for the first time. Katie is a very good storyteller in her lyrics and has a niche of keeping you gripped to the song from the opening bar.

We cant wait to hear what comes next from Katie, thank you for sharing Root to Rise with us.


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