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Katie O’Malley - Wild West

We have recently received Wild West, which is the brand new single from Katie O’Malley. Katie is a soulful folk artist from Rochdale this in the UK.

The thing at strikes me about this song is Katie’s voice. she has such a mature voice for such a young lady it’s unreal. Vocally she is extremely powerful in places and really delicate in her falsetto, she has one amazing instrument.

The song reminds me of The Cranberries style of song with the way it’s constructed and the raw emotion in lyrics. There’s also a hint of Dolores O’Riordan in Katie’s voice too. There’s also a little bit of 4 Non Blondes thrown in there too.

The song seems a very emotional song to Katie, the Quietness of the verses and the hard hitting chorus really keeps you gripped to the song.

This is the type of song that will do extremely well on the singer/songwriter charts as it’s very current and is really relatable to lots of people.

We are really big fans of Katie here at the Unsigned Reviewer and we can’t wait to see what come next.


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