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Justine Blanchet- Got Away

I had this track come into our Instagram inbox just the other day from a new artist to The Unsigned Reviewer called Justine Blanchet she is a new Country singer/Songwriter from Quebec, Canada and she has released 7 singles so far this one being her brand new track which have been played on several Canadian Country Radio stations.

Last year her single Heartbeat rose into the top 100 off the CBC Searchlight competition and she has also made appearances in Nashville’s legendary Bluebird Café. So, lets dive in and be enchanted by her music.

The track starts in a true country style with the banjo and background before Justine’s vocals come in and shows off her amazing range of vocals and her vocals ate clear and very much like Shania Twain so if you like Shania then you’ll really enjoy Justine’s music and I must say I’m a fan already. She has such great storytelling and you don’t want the track to end as the listener is really captured by her excellent light and shade.

You can hear the emotion of the song and feel it in yourself too it is truly breathtaking and is a breath of fresh air. Even though the song is about something personal you cannot help but enjoy the track and although the start is traditional country there is a modern feel to it which makes it amazing and a joy to listen to.

Can’t wait to have this lady on my show soon as a guest I’m rather excited, thank you Justine I can’t wait to hear more of your music.


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