Justin Capps and the Cavaliers - 25 Years of Rain

We were recently sent the new song by Justin Capps and the Cavaliers called 25 Years of Rain which I thought was appropriate with the weather at present.

This song is a very catchy song, with an upbeat and uplifting tune behind it.  The variation between the chorus and the verses is prominent, which is good because it keeps the listener engaged.  The use of both male and female voices is a good way of appealing to a wider audience and the two voices contrast with each other very well.  

The lyrics in the song are uplifting and the track has an all round ‘feel-good’  vibe to it.  With the nature of the track being loud and bubbly, it catches the listeners attention from the start and keeps it throughout.  

I would highly recommend this song if someone needed a ‘pick me up’ and it is definitely a song I would keep in my library!


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