Julia Mosley Band - Obsessions at Night

Was sent this track just the other day and she’s a new artist to me so let’s see what Julia and her band have to offer for a little review.

The song starts off like a little choral number and then the rockier side comes into it as the verse goes along. I love the vocal range of Julia and I know that one of her backing vocalists is one of my unsigned artists Charlotte Bettson.

The track has a lot of light and shade and Love the way it goes from light to dark in an instant. It tells a fantastic story and the guitar solo in the middle makes you want to hear more and gives me the feeling of being at a festival, as I said at the start I absolutely love the vocal range that Julia and her backing vocalists have they are beautifully haunting and if you like Florence and The Machine then you will love this band and reminds me of their song Rabbit Heart.

All the music and vocals come together and makes you want to hear more and I cant wait to hear what is next for Julia and her band as they have all the makings of some of music I listen to which is why they shall be played on my show and also be going on my Spotify playlist. Thank you for your track

Julia I loved it.


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