Jesse Lopez - Way Past Words

I had this come into my inbox the other day from Jesse Lopez who is a new artist to us here at The Unsigned Reviewer, he is from California, USA and has been original music around the USA for a number of years and his eclectic experience and sound has been capturing attention of Country Music homeland Nashville.

He is a matador at heart with a soul of a romantic, his sound is best described as Country rock with the flair of a Nashville songwriter with a determination to put his past behind him and translate that into his music infused with his Mexican-Italian roots. So, lets dive in and have a listen to his new track Way Past Words.

The track starts in a true country style with acoustic guitar and his strong vocals that absolutely take you away to that country heartland. The track tells a beautiful story and has a lot of light and shade which really makes it a feelgood track. If you like the modern country, then this is a track you and artist that you will love he has the sound of artists such as Keith Urban and Tim McGraw. It is a breath of fresh air and is one that you can hear the emotions of the track that he has written.

I love the style and the way that I don’t want the track to end and ill be honest it makes you smile. You can hear the beautiful musicianship of the track the way it blends the 2 genres together of Rock and Country, it has a soft rock element so its not too heavy. The story behind the song is about Jesse falling in love with his girlfriend even before they had even kissed, which is a beautiful touch and explain the emotion of the song too.

I will be listening to his EP (From start to finish) after this as I am blown away by how amazing an artist he is. Thank you for sending us your track Jesse we are looking forward to hearing what’s next.


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