James Stephen - Until You

We have very recently been sent the new single by Stockport singer songwriter James Stephen. His new single is called Until You.

Until You sounds a very personal song to James are there is a lot of passion and a lot of emotion in his voice throughout the song. James is a very soulful vocalist and this stands out in this track, his James Morrison-esque style is very current and really suits his vocals.

This track has really good build with a big rise for the chorus and wonderful fall to the verses, this keeps you gripped as you want to know where the song is going to lead you too.

You can hear a lot of emotion also in the story telling of the song as he tries to impress his girl and see where his emotions take him.

Overall this is another very strong song by James and one I'm sure will do well when it released next Friday (3rd July). We are big fans of James' music here at the Unsigned Reviewer and cant wait to heard what comes next from the Stopfordian.


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