Jack Danini - Ode to Passion OST

We were recently sent the Original Soundtrack to brand new Amazon Prime film Ode to Passion by Jack Danini. This was something we were really excited about ands we couldn't wait to hear it and give it you our thoughts.

The film premiers on Amazon Prime from tomorrow, (10th July).

We start off with a song called, I Met A Girl, this is a very bold and big opening that catches you form the opening song. There is a bit of the American Idiot sounding to the song, especially with the way their are songs within the song and the overall backing is very current year Greenday.

Past Relationships follows this, this is a more softer and melodic song. The vocals tell an amazing love story and one I'm sure with a visual from the film will build quite a strong and emotional picture for the listener.

Trouble has a very funky feel to it and will have you bouncing along with the beat of the song. Baby, There You Are!/Passion Passion follow this and we are back to the heavier feel. This has been my favourite song so far from the OST. This is a style of song I would listen to and the heavier side suits the vocal of Julia Nightingale.

Next follows the very tranquile, The Morning After. This has a very hang over feel to the song. Laid back and nice song. It's Real is next, the way in which the vocals work together in this song really catches your imagination. The vocals blend perfectly together and really make the song really easy on the ear. There a lot of passion in the voices aswell, the makes the song very personal and relatable.

This is followed by a really head turning start as our Rock Chic belts out Tonight Is Our, this is back to the heavy side of OST again. Jack can really write a rock song, so fat these have been really good.

Afraid of Love opens really anthemic with a guitar riff and a lovely laid back vocal. This seems a massive part in the film by the sound of the song and especially the lyrics. Dreams Aside is next on the album and this really gets you tapping your feet along from the start. Jack continues to surprise me as the songs continue to get better and better on this album.

Girl of My Dream comes next, lyrically this sounds like a decision time for the male lead as he opens up about the 'Girl of his Dreams'. Living in Your Dreams seems to be a monologue for the male lead who is showing his intentions of coming to terms with his feelings.

You're the Lucky One, What's It All about, Charlie? and Are You ******* High Again! follows as we get a true feel for the story of the film from these songs and get a Meatloaf-esque song called Are You ******* High Again!

Katie's Dream, All of the Things You Wanted and You're Gone start to show the ending of how this film is going to end. You're Gone is a very emotional song. The vocal has such raw emotion that you'd think you were the person singing. A really relatable song.

Dear Lord is the last song on the OST, the is a really sorrow and melodic opening to the final stages of the album, this keeps you gripped as you want to know where the song is going to take you. This is a really great ending to the album and sums up the whole story perfectly. Amazing emotion, really strong anthemic song.

Overall, I am massively impressed and I will be watching Ode to Passion when it is released, (10th July). I get a big inspiration from Greenday's American Idiot album, which was later converted to a stage show and this has similarities to this but at the same time is very unique. As American Idiot is one of my favourite albums of all time, this OST has to rate quite highly too as a lot of the songs really stand out to.

Dreams Aside to me is the stand out track, this is easily a song that can be released on its own accord and chart really highly.

You can see this being a stage show in the future and it will be a real credit to Jack and the vocalists on this as the passion and heart felt emotion in their voices make this soundtrack so relatable to people. Very powerful, very anthemic and very relatable.

Thank you so much Jack for send us such an amazing album, we are massive fans hear at the Unsigned Reviewer and we can not wait to watch the film.


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