Holly Fitzgerald - Telepathy

Had this song land in my inbox the other day from one of my previous unsigned artists of the week Holly Fitzgerald. Having heard her previous music I am extremely excited by what this new music is all about. I have played her music on my Feelgood Friday show and was blown away by her track Kaleidoscope and the sincerity of Weight of the World which talks about Mental Health.

The song starts with strong vocals from Holly and a bit of acoustic guitar. This is different to what I have heard in the past from her but I like the way it is soft and slower, it also a feel of a song for relaxing summer days like we have had today. It has fantastic musicianship with a difference of rhythm and has the feel of a country track and if you like any of Taylor Swifts early music you’ll love this track.

I always love the light and shade of Hollys voice and she shows it really well on this track and also the tone like she is telling you a story and is drawing you in with it too which is always great for the listener. I love this and can’t wait to hear more from Holly.


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