Hellfire Devilles - 4 On The Floor

Next for our reviews is Hellfire Devilles and their ‘Killerbilly’ styled album 4 On the Floor

Horizontal Mambo

The lead song for the EP gives you a feel of the intensity this EP will have. Fast, high energy and full of lyrics. Rock n roll is alive and well with this track

Frankenstein Grind

Got to be honest, when I read the title I had ‘Monster Mash‘ going round in my head. This song is quite a way from Boris Pickett though and you their with the Horizontal Mambo in the rock n roll stakes. These opening song will definitely have you dancing round on the dance floor

Cadaver Stomp

The third track on the Ep is called Cadaver Stomp. This was 2 mins and 37 seconds of high energy music and very rock and roll on its prime. High energy, sharp words and catchy base.

Surf and Maui

Again high energy, very Hawaii styled backing and tribal gritty lyrics. The title suits the song well their is definitely a whole in the market for this style of track. Definitely to me the stand out track on the EP, I enjoyed listening to the backing of the track and thinking of the waves on the shore.

To sum up, this shows the diverse style we get here at the Unsigned Reviewer but we welcome all these styles as every artist has their place. Hellfire Devilles are definitely taking their place on the Rock n Roll stage and with their high energy lyrics and high intensity songs they will definitely entertain on the stage. If you want to listen to something completely different but still very good check out these guys.


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