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Helena Mace - Unbroken

I had this album drop into my inbox just the other day from Helena Mace and having had her as an unsigned artist on my show in the past I am looking forward to hearing some of her new music. A little bit of background on her she is a UK based Country/Pop singer songwriter and was voted Global Artist of the year and song of the year in Canada and has had 3 nominations from UK Country radio, Female Vocalist and album of the year plus a nomination for A Josie music award in Nashville.

So, lets dive on in and listen to her brand-new album Unbroken.

The album starts off with Hometown which starts of in her true country style and with her exciting lyrics and tone of voice you just know that she means business yet again. The acoustic guitar and piano really give it a beautiful edge and the storytelling about her always shines through and makes the listener always want more as she encaptures her audience with smooth musicianship and plenty of light and shade. There is a softness to the song which gives you such a feelgood and relaxation too and it always is a pleasure to hear what music she has in store.

Next up is I’ll never let you down  this is more of a flowing track compared to hometown and it allows Helena to show off her beautiful vocal range and softness to the track that she plays on the guitar and this is one that takes you back to the deep south and gives you visions of Nashville and its country heartland and roots. You can hear the resemblance to Shania Twain in this track on her early music that she brought out. This Time has country with a little bit of 80s feel to it as well and vocals that extended around the world and if vocals could give a hug then she has those vocals as she tells stories like you’re meeting a best friend and taking on an evening, there’s lots of light and shade and storytelling to this track and really love this track.

The title track Unbroken is a piano based track that has a flowing feel to it and gives you the feeling of empowerment and with the acoustic feel to it again shows off Helena’s impressive range and feel to her music. She always has a lot of love to her tracks and she shows this off in this track with storytelling that makes you want to hear what’s next in the story and want to know what’s around the next corner in the track and enjoy.  She has this on the album twice a piano based version and a country style and both really give you that feeling of empowerment and one of the best songs of this album. Save it for another day takes us to the deep south and with harmonica sounds and acoustic guitar you can just picture as you close your eyes big skies and flowing rivers and it is a track you can sit back and enjoy to relax with as it has a real feelgood to it and you can just feel the heartfelt lyrics. The piano that adds to it as well really gives it such light and shade and a prettiness that goes beyond the imagination.

To sum up the album it is full of heartfelt lyrics, beautiful vocals and amazing musicianship, Helena has again brought us an album full of excitement and visions of the deep south wrapped up beautifully and musically that people who love the early Shania Twain music will love this album. Thank you again Helena I can’t wait to hear what’s next.


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