Helena Mace - Hometown, Run Around, Save It For Another Day and Take Me Away

We were recently sent some new songs from Bournemouth based Country singer, Helena Mace. These tracks are off her new album which is coming out later this year and we are excited after hearing these new songs.

The first song we came across was Hometown. This would be a very strong first single for the album. Cheery, energetic and the rise and fall of the song makes this song really stand out. Really good song and will definitely do very well in the country charts.

The story beings at 6 o’clock in the morning with Run Around. You can tell from the opening lyric that we are going to have a full story on our hands and it doesn’t disappoint. Lyrically very strong and the rise and fall of the song stand out again as the song builds to a great chorus.

Save It For Another Day is a lovely laid back song, personally I really enjoyed listening to the backing on the song. It reminded me of a song you’d hear from the Corrs and again another build to the chorus which keeps you gripped to the song throughout.

Finally we have Take Me Away is the final track we have received from Helena and this sounds a very personal to Helena. Her vocals are very emotional in this track and her voice really strives through.

Overall, the potential of this album is immense. Personally I’d take Hometown as the lead single as this is the stand out track and it is also a very good setter for the feel for the rest of the album. I’m a massive fan of the way Helena builds a song, the rise and fall of her songs builds a lot of dramatic ness and also tension and this really keeps you gripped to the song.

We can’t wait to hear the rest of the album, thank you for sharing these songs with us.


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