Head Noise - Uber Fantastique

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

We were recently sent the new album by Welsh New Wave 3 piece Head Noise called Uber Fantastique.

The album starts off with Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors, this is very catchy from the get go, lots of energy and enthusiasm in the singing and lots going on within the song.  A very electronic sounding track that takes you back to older types of music.   200000 Gallons of Oil follows, very bouncy again, quite similar sounding to the first track.  Makes me reminisce on 90s club music.  I feel as though the lyrics are a little too repetitive though so this could be improved. Japanese Batteries is next in the album, the sound within the song is good, but there is too much repetition and the lyrics could use some work.  The song would be good in a 90s club or in an Electronic Dance club.  Anatomically Correct Shuffle has a variety of tempos and sounds within the song which gives the song a refreshing, new feel compared to the previous three.  I feel as though there may be a little too much speaking in the song, but the lyrics I feel personally could be sung. Mystery Liquid follows, good drumming throughout the song, you can really here the different instruments building the song.  Lots of enthusiasm and another fresh sound.   Next on the album we have Air strike 4000. Good, jumpy beat which is catchy and sticks with the listener.  Very repetitive with the lyrics, but you can see there has been a lot of effort go into creating the sound of the song.  Nitro is next on the album, this one has a very good beat and sound to the song but no lyrics - until the end “turn the tape over”.  Felt as though this was just a gap filler or an added feature that wouldn’t be needed on a digital copy of an album.  Shrunken Head introduces a new sounding voice which was a nice change to the rest of the album.  Variety of sounds throughout the song keeping the listener interested.  Another clubland sounding song.  Good differences between the verses and the chorus.  Intruder-esque follows, personally I think the intro sounds very like some of the other songs, there needs to be more variety between the differing songs.  The baseline throughout a lot of the song is the same, I feel like the song could be made better by changing it up a bit. 

Next we have I Eat Cannabals this introduces more voices in the song, this is a fresh sound to the album.  The sounds throughout the song are a good touch to add to the mystery of the song.  The keyboard sounds that are playing alongside the lyrics could be turned down a little.  The keyboard sound and the main singing at the end of the sound frowns out the background singing and you can’t hear what it is saying.  

Mr Everywhere, starts off the song is a nice change to the rest.  The tempo increase towards the bridge and the chorus is good and you can tell there has been a lot of passion go into performing the song.  No Photo No Film No Telephone has lots of sounds throughout that add to the effects of the song.  I don’t feel as though the lyrics fit to the tune so this could do with some work.  The break in the fast tune towards the end of the song is a good touch too.  

Comply follows personally I liked this song because there was lots of different sounds and parts to the song.  More of a mainstream song that might appeal to a larger audience.  The guitar solos in the song are a good touch adding to the quality of the song. Gamma Guts is next this has a cosmic feeling to the song, given by the sounds that are used throughout.  Again, the guitar sound in the song give for a good change in the song and a new sound.  A lot of the lyrics aren’t sung that could be sung to make the song flow more smoothly.  

All-in-all, the album was a very ‘same-sounding’ album, and a lot of the tracks seemed to have a lot of the same sounds and tunes in places.  The album is good for someone who likes the 90s clubland type music or rave music.  


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