Haydn Davies - Crazyman

Had this track drop into my inbox the other day from Haydn Davies, who I have reviewed before and I loved the sound that he had. He is back with a new track called Crazyman and I am looking forward to reviewing his music again.

A little background on Haydn, he is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Wellington in New Zealand his tracks are mainly guitar based and occasionally piano. Let’s see what Haydn’s new track all is about.

The track starts with a nice flowing piano before the vocals come in and bring it to life with the extra instruments of drums and guitar, if you like a bit of rock you’ll love this as he shows a lot of light and shade with the softer instruments and a bit of more heavier rock sound. The storytelling is on point as always with Haydn’s tracks and he always has such clear vocals and you want to hear what’s coming next as the track has so many elements to it and that keeps it so fresh.

When he describes himself as multi-instrumentalist you can hear it in this track as it has so many sounds which will appeal to absolutely anyone listening. The track feels like it’s gone full circle as it ends as it started with soft piano flowing away like a river.

I absolutely love this track and I can’t wait to hear what’s to come next from Haydn. Thanks again Haydn it’s been a pleasure again to review your music. 


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