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Hawkins-Lights Off

Had this track land in my inbox the other week and were always grateful to champion brand new artists here at The Unsigned Reviewer so here goes, this is Hawkins they are a Rock and Roll band mixed with hooky pop sophistication from New Haven in The USA, so lets get into the world of Hawkins and listen to their music.

The track starts with a bit of riff and some bass before the lyrics start up and I’m instantly thinking these guys are very music like Coldplay musically wise, there is so much light and shade plus musicianship is so good its not just one instrument it’s a conglomerate of music that is pleasing to hear.

They tell such a great story, and this is their debut single wonder what will they do next? I can hear how much they blend together and it’s a track that has so much feelgood as its so upbeat and makes your feet tap and your head bob and I can see this track being played at a festival as the crowd will love it and there’s chance for some audience participation too.

The lead singer who is called Hawkins has a great tone to his voice and has a hint of James Dean Bradfield to, I can best describe the band as The Manic Street Preachers meets Coldplay and if you like an air guitar you’ll love this track.

Thank you Hawkins I am looking forward to hearing more from you.


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