Hannah Moule and the Moulettes- Idiolect

I had this track land in my inbox today and they are a new artist to me and I’m looking forward to hearing their music. So this is Hannah Moule and her band the Moulettes, they are a band from The U.K. and their sound has many ideas to it, this is the first track from their new EP Xenolalia, so here goes with the track. 

The track start starts off with vocals and a soft musicianship before all the the instruments come and join the party. I really live the way it has so much light and shade and isn’t the same notes and all the way through and Ukraine chorus is so exciting and is like a crescendo to the verses soft vocal and music.

I absolutely love this track and it has to be one of the best tracks I’ve heard recently. The violin solos really give it an edge to it and when all you hear is bands without instruments this is a breath of fresh air.

Thank you for your track and I can’t wait to review the EP.

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