Grace Davies - Friends With The Tragic

From the moment Grace Davies walked on to our screens at her X factor audition at Old Trafford Cricket Ground back in 2017, we knew the girl from Blackburn was going to make massive waves in the music industry and this is the moment everybody has been awaiting.

We have been graced with being able to review the new EP from one of the UKs most exciting artists, as Grace releases Friends With The Tragic on 26th June.

Every X Factor fan will remember Grace on the show for her battle where she finished runner up to RakSu and one of the things that stood out to me personally was not just Grace’s amazingly unique voice but her ability to write hit songs and this EP just shows off the superpower Grace has.

From the opening song Just A Girl, Grace has treated us to 4 of the most current, catchy and anthemic of songs that you can think of. Just A Girl is a really powerful and sounds very personal song to Grace.There is a lot of passion in her vocal and this song has hit written all over it. There is definitely a hole in the market for Grace’s style and with a song like this, it will light up the music world.

Punchy bass line, big powerful chorus and epic rise and fall through out the song, Addicted to Blue continues where Just A Girl left off and give your a great sense of how this EP will shape up from the foot tapping backing music to the gripping lyrics, you can see why Grace is hotly tipped to be at the top of the music charts.

Melodic, relatable and gripping storytelling we move now to Amsterdam, this song shows off Grace’s sentimental side. Power ballads are always heart wrenching and with the way the song builds up this is a very emotional song to say the least. This song really brings Grace’s vocal ability to the forefront and reminds us how Blackburn’s pop queen made it all the way to the final of the TV talent show.

Invisible is a beautiful lyric. The first thing you will notice on the track will be the story of the song, Grace has a unique way with words that make you sit back and listen from the opening words. Invisible, very much like Amsterdam, builds up to a big powerful ending and will keep you gripped until the last bar of the song.

Powerful, melodic, anthemic songs with gripping stories and beautiful lyrics, this is the best way to describe one of the best EP’s I’ve heard in a long time. Grace’s ability to make a song so personal yet so relatable is an art in itself but add to that powerful choruses and big building backing and you can see why this EP will get Grace sky rocketing up the charts.

We at The Unsigned Reviewer are massive fans and we are sure you all will be to. We can’t wait to hear what comes next from Grace as we are sure she will be topping the charts sooner rather than later.


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