Fordaze - Like a Sunrise

We have been sent the first two singles by Fordaze to review next here at The Unsigned Reviewer

Now, Before and After

The first song is very chilled out and laid back. I can imagine listening to this while sitting in the sun somewhere have an alcoholic beverage and just relaxing.

It has a lovely feel to the song and is a really strong single and would appeal to a whole range of different audience and personally id say it was a multi-genre song.

Lisa P

The second single off Like a Sunrise is Lisa P. Personally I dont think its as strong a single as Now, Before and After but it does again give you that chilled out, laid back feel and take nothing away from it being a good song.

Overall, Fordaze has two very song tracks off Like a Sunrise and Now, Before and After is a very strong lead single for this exciting new artist.


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