Emilia Quinn - Firecracker

I had this EP drop into my inbox just the other day from Emilia Quinn and I am looking forward to reviewing this for her.

A little bit of background on her she is an alternative country/americana artist and started off her career at the age of 11, some of her influences are Etta James and Miranda Lambert. So, lets dive in and give a listen to her new EP called firecracker.

The EP starts off with Ready Right Now and from the beginning of the track you can hear the country influence and clear vocals and she has the sound very much like Chrissie Hynde. The is lots of great musicianship and light and shade. It started off quite sedate with some acoustic guitar before the sound kicks in and it comes to life and before you get to the chorus it takes on a massive crescendo. It’s a must to listen to if you love the raw country sound plus for all those who like a guitar solo there is one in this song for you to et out the air guitar.

Nothing to Lose this track is the americana side of her style and influence and it really is a great track to listen to and the musicianship of the track really brings it home and the rage that Emilia has really shows in this track to make it so raw. The Light and Shade is one that shows to with a chorus full of emotion.

Drunk is one that takes on a rockier feel and you can really enjoy the musicianship of the track and a chorus again full of emotion and a edgier feel than the country and Americana tracks I’ve had so far its short but sweet and I really think it has so much potential. I really like this one and you can just imagine this one being used at a festival as it will surely get the crowd going and the arms waving. I really have a lot of love for Emilia she’s an artist right on my radar for the top.

Finally there is Outlaw we go back to the deep south and heartland of Country in Nashville with the style of this track, lots of guitar and crashing drums to give it a heavier side but with the sound that she has in can understand why because she has so much different styles and sounds that its hard really to put her into one genre.

To sum up the album its totally got so much potential and great styles and vocals that everyone will love and adore no matter what your taste in music and if there was a star rating it would be 5/5 for me for how engaging and full of storytelling it is.

Thank you Emilia I hope this EP gets you noticed more and look forward to hearing what’s next. 


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