Elora Taylor -What I’d Do

Elora Taylor-What I’d do

I had this track fresh from the inbox just now and this is Elora Taylor who is a Country Music singer/songwriter from Toronto, Canada.

She started off in music as a member of all girl rock band Tallulah Darling and she toured around Toronto and showcased for Sony Records in New York City and after the band went their separate ways she started to focus on her solo career. She has received recognition from CosmoGirl Magazine, Billboard World songwriting contest and the expose yourself song writing contest plus her song Metal Heart was placed in the FX Show The League. So, let’s have a listen to her brand-new track What I’d Do.

The track starts in a true country style with guitars and immediately I am absolutely liking this track Elora has a fantastic voice full of warmth and her voice is in the style of Shania Twain and also lilts of Chrissie Hynde she has their sassiness and storytelling which brings the song to life with lots of light and shade. The musicianship of this track is one that is to be reckoned with and people should really be taking this lady seriously as she is up there with some of the best female country artists in the business.

I really love this track and has the ability to make it big here in the UK too, the elements of country and rock have come together so well on this track and it reminds me musically of the Lumineers track Ho,Hey as well only with Eloras amazing vocals.

This has really blown me away with how amazing That Elora is, and I can’t wait to hear more of her music too, thank you for sending us your track we love it here at The Unsigned Reviewer.


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