Duckwrth - Find A Way ft. Alex Mali, Radio Ahlee & Bayli

We were recently sent the brand new single from critically acclaimed Los Angeles rapper Duckwrth and the single Find A Way.

The first thing that stands out to me is the music video, I think this is going to be the norm for videos for the foreseeable future and Duckwrth and his team are pioneering the CGI animated video.

The graphics are crisp and sharp, you get a real feel this is how the music video would have been regardless of the global pandemic.

The song itself has a real uplifting feel to it, Find A Way is quite anthemic in its title and in the song. These are difficult times for everyone in the world but ' you've got to find a way'. These words resounds throughout the whole of the song and are really powerful and strong.

From the opening there is a real summer vibe in the track, this sound could really be a anthemic at festivals throughout the world. It has a great beat and really bright feel to the song.

Overall, this song is going to be a massive hit for Duckwrth and the music video is revolutionary in itself, everything adds up to a very successful release for the American rapper. We cant wait to hear what comes next from Duckwrth.


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