Duckwrth - Coming Closer

We were recently sent the brand new song from critically acclaimed Los Angeles rapper Duckwrth and he is Coming Closer on this track with G.L.A.M and Julia Romana featuring.

The song is extremely catch and the main hook of the chorus really does embed in your head and you will be singing this for the rest of the day.

Duckwrth is a very talented rapper and the way in which he composes his lyrics is unique to the artist himself. He has a great way of bringing a story to his lyrics and creating a visual of what he is trying to get across in your head.

Coming Closer is definitely fresh and extremely current. This song would sit nicely in the UK charts as this is the style of song that is currently doing well in the mainstream of the charts.

This is the sort of song that would feature on Radio 1 Xtra and be on their A List for sure.

We really enjoy Duckwrth's music and we cant wait to hear what comes next from one of LA's up and coming talents.


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