DougalDougal - Buy Enough To Kill Oursevles

We have recently been contacted by Bristol based psychedelic band Dougal Dougal with their album Buy Enough to Kill Themselves.

The band consists of Dougal who is the writer, singer and guitarist. Cai and Phil who focus on guitar, bass and backing vocals. Will on synthesiser and Adam the drummer. They are currently in uni and perform all their tracks within their bedroom which I think is pretty cool.

They have been together a few months and would describe themselves in three words as dirty, psychedelic and noise.

So we started off with their first song Kcireen Rm, straight away this song sets the tone for their whole album and what you will expect in each song.

As a band starting up there is a lot of work that needs to be done in mastering the editing skills for their songs as at times their vocals are over shadowed by the music especially the drums.

We would really love to hear the story in each songs as this is what will connect with your audience. We would recommend having more structure to the songs such as a verse, bridge and a chorus.

Personally I like songs that have their own identity and stand out when I’m thinking of the band or of a particular album. This next song is one.

Walking - I think this is my favourite song within the album. It has a great beat and is very catchy. The vocals are a lot clearer and flows really well. The effects within the song make it unique to this band. At parts it reminded me of indie music and this song is one I would definitely recommend.

There are other tracks within the album we listened too: Black and Blue, Happy Little Smiles, Wide Audience Appeal, Piss Off, It’s labelled Red (For a Reason) and Buy Enough Time to Kill Ourselves - Overall we can see the time, effort and passion that has gone into the writing and performing the songs.

We can also hear that the band use their music to express their emotions, sometimes anger which can be appreciated by listeners who maybe finding it hard to express them emotions themselves. We do think it’s also a positive way of releasing these emotions = in music .

The songs are definitely different and can be appreciated in their specific genre. Keep up the great work guys!!

For a band starting out together, working in difficult conditions and still being able to create an album is pretty amazing! Dougal has a lot more material, so watch this space.


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