Devon Worley - Teatime for Thieves

Devon Worley came onto my radar last year when I heard there song Banshee and we profiled them on Sound Radio Wales. Today I am going to review they’re new EP Teamtime for Thieves

Black River Magic

Great opening to the EP, Devon is a power house in the vocals and reminds me of Sheryl Crow with her tone and texture on her voice. Black River Magic is definitely a foot tapper and a definite take note track.

No Fool

No Fool sees Devon shows her grit as she toys with her boy telling him she is ‘no fool’. This is a very catchy song, lyrically very clever and very strong in storyline. This will definitely do well in the country scene

Broken Record

As Devon sings ’you pulled me in’, us as a listener is also pulled in to listening to another firecracker of a song. Again the story telling of the song stands out to me as she toys again with her boy.

Leave Me Slow

We are slowing it down on Leave Me Slow, soft and sensitive for this track. Unfortunately this time she is wanting her boy to leave her and her heartfelt lyrics show she’s had enough on this song .

Wytch Hunt

Last track of the EP and this gritty song finishes the EP off strong. Another very powerful vocal by Devon and definitely a crowd pleaser of a song that will be anthemic at their gigs. Enjoyed the guitar solo in the middle too.

To sum up, an excellent EP from Devon Worly. Powerful vocals, great storytelling and a catch me if you can sentiment to use gents. Have a listen on all streaming sites and you won’t be disappointed


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