Devinity ft Raiko - SUNSET

We recently recieved the brand new collaboration from Devinity featuring Raiko and there single Sunset.

Raiko is a Finnish singer/songwriter and we were very excited to recieve a message from her with this song.

The song starts off fresh, vibrant and makes you ready for summer. It is a very positive, happy song that makes you want to either chill with a nice cocktail on a lounger or dance. The vocals, lyrics and music combined go really well together, I really enjoyed the music on its own too.

You get a kind of David Guetta meets Calvin Harris feel to the song, its the kind of song you'd hear while you were on holiday in the Mediterranean, your get the early to late evening vibes from like Ibiza about the song.

The song is very current and wouldn't be out of place in the current chart as I feel there is currently a hole in the market for this style of song.

Overall, reviewing this song on a summers day here in North Wales was idyllic. This really set the mood perfectly for the song as these are the same sounds your hear from Raiko and Devinity.

We are big fans here at The Unsigned Reviewer and we cant wait to hear what comes next from this Finnish star.


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