Devin Renee - Deadman Walkin'

We recently came across the music of Singer-songwriter Devin Renee, and oh aren’t we glad we did!

 Devin has experience and training in not only as a recording artist but also a producer and engineer which are invaluable skills to have and really gives more of an edge to her music knowing this information.

The tone of Devin’s vocals are beautiful and you can really see why her Grandma and her other family members are her biggest supporters.

Even though we were asked to review Devin’s most recent single Deadman Walkin’ we couldn’t help ourselves at listening to more! It enabled us to see her growth from her debut album “In Pieces”. The first single in Devin’s upcoming album, Deadman Walkin’ beat really gets you in the mood for dancing.

The beat and vocals are very strong and I can really hear the passion in Devin shining through. It is one of the best country songs we have recently had the pleasure of reviewing.

The mixture of country, rock and pop all rolled into one then Devin Renee is the name you should definitely typing into Spotify now!!


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