Desensitised- Sister Psychosis

I had this drop into my inbox the other day from a new band to TUSR this is Desensitised they are a girl group from Nottingham, UK. They are a rock group and they are influenced by Hole, Nirvana, Green Day and Oasis to name a few and their music has been heard on BBC introducing and Planet Rock. This is their new album sister psychosis so let’s dive in and have a listen to our female rockers.

The opening track Emily has the rock feel with catchy rhythm and a proper guitar feel, there is lots of light and shade its not all heavy and not all soft it’s a mixture of the 2 and it really is great to listen to. The musicianship is of such a high standard full of fun and quite easy on the ears very much like a female version of the killers.

Burn the Witch this track is a more darker track compared to Emily and I must admit there is such flow to the lyrics and to the tone of the lead singer Charlottes voice and she really has a great range as well as giving the bass to each track and the drumming of Claire and the guitarist Libby really come together to make this band a true girl power in rock form. The storytelling of the track also gives it a dark feel which is so different to most rick music but in an exciting way.

You’ll See this is one for the hard rockers in the listeners and if you think of Sum41 then you’ll get the feeling for this track plenty of riffs for the air guitarists in the audience and full of light and shade too so you’re not getting the full on heavy styles there’s bits of light rock to enjoy too. Wasted get out the headbangers for this both musically and lyrically as this is one you’ll love if you like it a little on the heavy side with your rock, this one compared to You’ll see is hard with plenty of wailing guitars, wailing lyrics and riffs.

He loves me not this is a softer track with lots of emotional lyrics and acoustic guitar. This is a beautiful track and the musicianship is of a high standard and a world away from the heavy end of rock, very much like Green Days Wake me up when September ends and the masterplan by oasis. 

To sum up this album I love every track and it has so much going on which makes it exciting and fresh, I loved hearing the different rhythms and styles, Thank you Desensitised I cant wait to hear what’s next.


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