David Appletree- Join the Team

Had this album come into my inbox just the other day ready to be reviewed and I’m looking forward to reviewing this new album of a new artist to us here at the Unsigned Reviewer. So, this is David Appletree he is described as experimental slow core/ Postrock from Barcelona in Spain, so let’s dive in and have a listen to the music.

The album starts off with White Flower which is a nice flowing song with some pretty guitar riffs and some drum beat in the background, there is some lovely flow to it and even when the rhythm changes it doesn’t take the lovely flow of the track. It has some light and shade and is an instrumental track which you could listen to whilst having a coffee or relaxing with a good book.

Isolation is also in the same vain as the opening track but this time there is a vocals added into it and mostly spoken but it really adds to the amount of mystery that David Appletree has, plenty of light and shade about it and plus although its quite dark at the beginning the track really lightens out.

I want to join your team has a element of country to it with the riff that is played the wailing guitar gives me images of the deep south and Nashville, there are vocals on the track spoken in a different language which I cant work out but I’m sure the listener may be able to work out, as the song goes on it increases in crescendo and becomes more dark with stronger riffs.

Home starts off softer and more relaxed compared to the last song and it adds elements of guitar and drums to the track which has an element of excitement to it and you wonder what’s next in the track as the guitar becomes more stronger it is definitely something that you could hear being played at a festival to get the crowd to chill out after a hard session.

Finally Chance and Necessity is another track that you could listen to on a chilled afternoon it has a lot of instrumentation going on in it and its one that you’d be wanting to hear again and again especially with how busy life can be at the moment after the calm we had because of lockdown.

To sum up this album it is great for those who love a little bit if relaxation with a bit of edge and mystery, I enjoyed the album thank you David Appletree cant wait to hear what’s next for you.


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