Dan Jordan - Wine, Spirits, Tobacco

We were recently sent the new album from Dan Jordan and his shopping list Wine, Spirits, Tobacco.

This is a very intriguing opening, really soothing vocal, lovely backing and yeah it’s a works so well yet so Bob Dylan. This is the opening song Blood and Tears. Dans voice as unusual as it is really keeps me gripped, it’s like he’s telling you a story and you want to know where it’s going next. This is shown on You All Lose Your Charm (In The End). I really enjoyed the guitar solo in this song also. Reminds me a bit of Chris Rea.

Leave Them Alone, Corpes Candles and Gosiame continue this laid back, country/folk storytelling. Really enjoying this album so far. Musically the backing is amazing, vocally I have never heard vocals done this way before and I am so very impressed.

Bridges Burn (Dirt and County), this is a lovely song, continues the story perfectly. Ode to Love, These Wasted Years, this is my highlight of the album, amazing backing, the song fits Dan’s voice perfectly. I really enjoyed listening to this although I can’t get The First Noel our of my head now.

Holding On and Lonesome Cowboy Blues #13 finish off this really wonderful album.

Overall a few words really describe this album. Unique, edgy, storytelling so intriguing that it works to perfection.

I really can’t wait for the next time I get music from Dan, I really enjoyed this.


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