Craig Osment - Not Broken

Had this track come into my inbox the other day and thought id do a little review of this track for you all. Craig is from Torquay in Devon, UK and is a former song writing partner of a previously reviewed artist Haydn Davies. He wrote this track about the tv images of the Frontline staff not coping in the early stages of COVID-19 this sounds like a pretty god track so let us give it a play.

The song starts with a lovely tempo of acoustic guitar and is incredibly soft and very thoughtful like a breeze on a summer’s day. The vocals are soft also and there is some wonderful light and shade to Craigs voice, and he sings the song from the heart. A bit of a mouthorgan and piano interlude makes the song really come to life and you can hear the emotions in his voice because of the subject of what is going on at the moment in the world.

He tells of the angels in blue, the nurses on our frontline during this pandemic.

I love the roar emotion of the track as it really brings the situation we’re in at the moment to life and this song needs to be heard everywhere it is beautiful and I love it thank you Craig for sending me the track.


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