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Colette Rivers - Wandering Thoughts

We were recently sent new music from Colette Rivers and her Wandering Thoughts EP.

The album starts off with Out of the Cage, which starts off acoustically and builds wonderfully throughout the track. Country/Folk is lovely to listen to and this is no different. Melodic and chilled.

Next on the EP we have Kamikaze Girlfriend, this carries on the chilled out, summer evening feel the Out of the Cage set us off with. I really like the way Colette builds her songs as it keeps you gripped and wanting to listen to more.

Fickle Soul is next on the EP, this is more serious feel to the song to begin with but then we get the building of the song that has shone throughout the EP.

Lastly on this EP we have Quiet Places. This is definitely a nice song for your own personal 'Quiet Place'. Lovely laid back song.

Overall I think Colette's ability to grow a song and build the song keeps you gripped throughout the EP and is one for a nice summer evening in the late evening sun.


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