Clarence Oddbody - Oddbody IV

We have been sent Clarence Oddbodys Ep to review recently called Oddbody IV.

Hammer Those Nails

The first song, Hammer Those Nails, is a very strong start to the song, personally I thought the song was a bit slow to get going but by the end of the song I was gripped. The guitar solo in the middle was a real highlight of the song.

The Three Graces

Next on the Ep we have The Three Graces. This is a really nice chilled melodic song, very reminiscent of the Manic Street Preachers I think personally. The chorus stands out to me on this, its very catchy and will stick in your mind.

While Away the Hours

We now have While Away the Hours and this got me gripped from the beginning with a very foot tapping opening. I like the build of the song. All three songs so far have very good melodies and the guitarist is very talented. On a personal note, so far this is the stand out track, it keeps you gripped and makes you want to listen again.

Forever Can Start Tomorrow

Lastly we have a brilliant opening to the song Forever Can Start Tomorrow. This is a really great song, this would be a very strong lead single for the EP I think personally. Simplistic to begin with and builds accompanied with a very strong vocal lends to a very strong track. I hear a bit of a band called Doves in this song.

Overall, a very good EP and one that we will definitely put in our playlist. I think personally like I said in the notes from Hammer Those Nails, it was a slow start but by the end I was definitely a fan.


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