Chronixx - Cool As the Breeze/ Friday

We have recently been sent the brand new single from Chronixx and he is Cool As The Breeze/ Friday on his new release.

This is a heartfelt dedication to his beloved Kingston, Jamaica for Chronixx. The stream of releases continues as Chronixx builds anticipation for his forthcoming album Dela Splash.

Well this song has summer written all over it and you can see what this song is dedicated to Kingston, you can imagine yourself sat by the pool with a tropical drink in your hand and just feeling the summer vibes with this song the anthem in the background.

Once the main beat drops, you are instantly bopping along with the song. Chronixx has a unique way of getting you transported from where you are to thinkning you are on the beach somewhere listening to his vibes.

The backing of the sound has a great reggae sound to it, this adds more to the mood of the song and its a song not out of place from someone like Bob Marley or Shabba Ranks.

Overall, we have found our summer get away and it has come at such a great time especially with what is going on in the world at present. To be able to be transported to another part of the world from someone's music is very powerful and Chronixx needs to be applauded for that.

We are big fans here at the Unsigned Reviewer and we are looking forward to seeing what comes next from this young gentleman.


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